BFG Podcast #074

‘Blonde,’ ‘Bros,’ and a censorship roundtable

In this week’s BFG podcast, contributor Matthew Ehrlich makes a vaunted return to the proceedings with a savage denunciation of ‘Blonde‘, the brutal and unpleasant Marilyn Monroe biopic now taking up space on Netflix. It features not one, but two abortion scenes from the point of view of Marilyn Monroe’s vagina. If that sounds fun, then Blonde is the nearly three-hour movie for you!

Sharyn Vane and Michael Washburn join host Neal Pollack next to discuss trends in censorship. Sharyn is very disturbed by the recent trend of people emailing bomb threats to public libraries. Michael doesn’t condone that, but points out that the threats haven’t led to any actual bombings. Yet. He finds himself more concerned that defenders of free speech seem committed to defending books with trendy and “woke” points of view, but classics like To Kill A Mockingbird don’t inspire the same passion. Neal, as is his tendency, straddles the middle path and agrees with both of them. A great discussion.

Then Matthew Ehrlich returns to talk to Neal about ‘Bros,’ the Billy Eichner  gay romantic comedy that definitely doesn’t owe its lack of success at the box office to homophobia. Matthew (and his boyfriend) found the central relationship flat. Neal  found Eichner’s character whiny and self-pitying, though he liked some of the pop-culture parodies.

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