BFG Podcast #114

Taking photos in movies, censorship back in session, and ‘Twisted Metal’

In this dog days edition of the BFG podcast, host Neal Pollack welcomes new contributor Chris Lambert to discuss the most important issue of our time: People taking photos of movies while they are in movies. This should be a crime, though Chris remembers a time when movies used to be “more chill.” He recalls going to see ‘Saw’ with his friends in a year when Neal was already a full-blown adult. Regardless of the reason, both Neal and Chris think this trend needs to stop, and they hope that once people readjust to going out in public sometime later this decade, they will stop taking photos of movies while they are in movies

Elsewhere in the world, school districts in Florida are flagging ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for inappropriate content. Houston, Texas, is closing school libraries and turning them into detention centers. Looks like it’s back-to-censorship time. Sharyn Vane joins Neal for a semi-annual discussion of all the ways that school districts are restricting access to books for teenagers. One district is even making it illegal to check books out for yourself if you’re under 18 years old. We’re not just arguing about ‘Gender Queer’ anymore. BFG will always be on top of these issues.

And we’ll always be on top of ‘Twisted Metal,‘ the Peacock adaptation of the 1990’s apocalyptic road-rage video game series. Scott Gold is all over this topic, he loves Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz, who bring a kind of sweet romance to a Mad Max-end-of-the world scenario. And Scott and Neal have nothing but praise for “Sweet Tooth,” the crazed blood-soaked clown who rules over Las Vegas and may or may not be based on either Bugsy Siegel or Britney Spears. Regardless, all hail Sweet Tooth, thanks for making August a little more fun.

Enjoy the show!

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