BFG Podcast #064: Woke ‘Lightyear,’ ‘Lost Illusions,’ and Everything That’s Streaming in July

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Happy 4th of July from BFG to you! Why not celebrate America’s birthday by listening to America’s best pop-culture podcast? That’s what we’re doing, on repeat, all day.

New BFG contributor Kaveh Jalinous breaks in to talk about the controversy surrounding a lesbian kiss in Pixar’s ‘Lightyear.’ Host Neal Pollack points out that the right is using this as another plank in its war against sexualizing children. Young Kaveh says it doesn’t bother him at all, but isn’t fond of the movie. It’s closer in content and quality to a streaming show on Disney+, he concludes. And also, the last major Pixar theatrical release was Toy Story 4. This is a spinoff of the Toy Story franchise. Meanwhile, Pixar has released Soul and Turning Red, both far superior movies, for streaming services. So Lightyear’s misfire has much more to do with that than a gay kiss.

Michael Washburn comes by to talk to Neal about ‘Lost Illusions,’ the award-winning French adaptation of the Honoré de Balzac novel. Neal compares the corrupt media circus that the film and novel depict to the Gawker empire. Michael agrees somewhat, but believes that it’s a warning shot and a reminder about the corrupt media at large. Both agree that it’s a sumptuous, exciting, fun, and satirical period piece, with not one wasted scene or one false note. Check it out.

Finally, the hardworking Rachel Llewellyn appears to talk about everything that’s appearing on your streaming services in June. In the widest-ranging conversation in BFG podcast history, they talk about Stranger Things, Jane Austen, Virgin River, various Hollywood Chrises, What We Do In The Shadows, House Party, and more. Oh beautiful for spacious skies, it’s the BFG podcast!

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