BFG Podcast #070: ‘Heat 2,’ ‘House of the Dragon,’ and ‘3000 Years of Longing’

Our editor and writers break down the culture

In this week’s 70th anniversary edition of the BFG Podcast, editor-in-chief Neal Pollack and contributor Chris Farnsworth welcome special guest Meg Gardiner, a crime writer who’s just collaborated with director Michael Mann on Heat 2, a sequel novel to his cult classic 1995 heist film. Gardiner and Mann share a literary agent, and the adventure began from there. She describes ride-alongs with the LAPD and conversations with professional bank robbers. Mann shared his treasure trove of photographs from a city in Paraguay where anything goes, and they shared scenes and manuscript pages until a seamless collaboration emerged. Great insight into a bestselling crime novel, only on BFG.

Stephen Garrett takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to Neal about 3000 Years of Longing, the latest film from George Miller, director of Babe and Mad Max: Fury Road. This film, about a “narratologist” who unearths a sexy Idris Elba genie while at a conference in Istanbul, doesn’t match up with Miller’s previous work. It’s an ode to the wonder of storytelling that doesn’t tell much of a story. But Stephen and Neal are amusing when they talk about it.

Finally, Ty Pearson sails in from the Iron Islands to hail ‘House of the Dragon‘, the new Game of Thrones prequel now airing on HBO-related products. It’s Game of Thrones all over again. They use the same sets, the same costumes, even the same theme song. And it’s got GOT fans remembering what they liked about the original show in the first place. Nothing will ever top early days GOT mania, but HOD is good enough for now. This is modern pop culture, after all, where no intellectual property ever really dies.

Enjoy the show!

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