Beware the Desert Island Movie List

Don’t put ‘Amelie’ on that online survey unless you want to watch it forever.

What movies would you take with you if you found yourself stranded on a desert island? Staff cartoonist Bill Thomas submits this for your approval. One Mr. Nathan Fremble wakes up in a mysterious tropical locale, with only a talking toucan–and 10 desert island movies–for company. Apparently, filling out a Buzzfeed survey has consequences.

Desert Island

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Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas is the author and illustrator of the reasonably-priced children’s book The Proper Care and Feeding of your Mutant Mega Monster . He has also illustrated numerous books for Scholastic and HarperCollins. Over the years, his artwork has been seen in such non-streaming media as Girls' Life, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, the Village Voice, and Tigerbeat. That's right. Tigerbeat. Peruse his work at

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