BFG Podcast #008: ‘Sex and Vanity,’ ‘In The Heights,’ ‘Feel Good,’ Bo Burnham, and More!

Our editor and writers break down the week in culture

In this week’s exciting Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast, recorded live on the Clubhouse app, editor-in-chief Neal Pollack opens up with a rant about how entitled readers are forcing publishers to censor works of fiction...after they publish them. This is wrong. Then Neal welcomes Paula Shaffer to join him in eviscerating ‘Sex and Vanity’ novelist Kevin Kwan’s despicable and vulgar modern take on ‘A Room With A View.’ “I’ve read catalogs that are more entertaining,” Shaffer says.

Neal then proceeds to regale film critic Stephen Garrett with a story about how he once got a trivia question right about ‘In the Heights.‘ Stephen indulges Neal and then reviews the movie, praising it for its affectionate portrayal of New York City’s Boricua and Dominican culture and says it will be with us for a long time to come.

Then Jamie Mason, a 55-year-old man whose taste runs toward Charles Bronson movies, beams in from Canada to discuss the delightful Netflix girl-meets-girl romantic dramedy ‘Feel Good‘, which is stuffed with excellent supporting performances to supplement its two charming leads. Finally, Neal and Rob Kutner offer grumpy middle-aged comedy guys takes on Bo Burnham,  the young and beautiful performer who brings us the new Netflix special ‘Inside,’ which is iconic, generation-defining, and incredibly annoying, all at the same time.

There’s tons of music in this episode, as well as all the insight and perspective you’ve come to expect from the Internet’s single most important culture publication. So give it a listen and come sail away with us!

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