BFG Podcast #068: ‘The Sandman,’ ‘Prey,’ and Beavis and Butt-Head

Our editor and writers troll and praise the culture

In this week’s excellent episode of our podcast, host and editor Neal Pollack welcomes contributor Pablo Gallaga. Pablo and Neal first start by praising ‘The Sandman‘, on Netflix, to the skies. Pablo loves how closely it hews to Neil Gaiman’s source material. Neal mostly agrees, though is a little skeptical of Patton Oswalt’s voice work as “Matthew the Raven.” It’s pretty good, though, a real geek’s delight.

Speaking of geek’s delight, Pablo sticks around to talk about ‘Prey,’ the ‘Predator’ prequel set in the early 1700s among the Comanches of the Great Northern Plains. “This is how you do inclusion,” Neal says. And they both love Amber Midthunder as the intrepid young Comanche woman who proves to be an excellent match for a trophy hunter from outer space. Also, ‘Prey’ contains the best dog performance in recent memory. Highly recommend for anyone who loves action, movies, and action movies.

And then, Rachel Llewellyn appears on the podcast to talk about the Beavis and Butt-Head revival currently on Paramount+. The two horny teenage dorks may now live in 2022, but their interests in stuffing their faces with junk food, starting fires, and thinking about chicks have stayed very much the same. It’s hard (heh heh ‘hard’) to imagine life without them.

Enjoy the show!

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