BFG Week in Review Podcast #041: ‘Jackass’, ‘The Gilded Age’, and Kristen Bell

Our editor and writers bust down the culture

In this week’s exciting edition of the BFG Week in Review podcast, Neal Pollack expresses his disdain for the work of Julian Fellowes. He and contributor Matthew Ehrlich do a little Google search and cannot figure out whether or not Fellowes is gay or just very British. Regardless, his new HBO show ‘The Gilded Age‘ is a real turkey. Matthew pans the acting, writing, and costumes. He closes his segment with a dramatic comparison between The Gilded Age and the 1986 “gay porn classic” The Pizza Boy: He Delivers.

Then Rachel Llewellyn stops by the podcast hamlet to talk with Neal about ‘The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window,’ starring Kristen Bell. The show has people wondering: Is it a parody of bad “mom in peril” novels from the last decade? Or Netflix crime procedurals? Of both? Does it actually take itself seriously? Neal admitted that he was unable to watch all eight episodes but still got the gist. He and Rachel both found themselves vaguely interested in tuning into the inevitable Season 2.

Finally, Sara Stewart comes in to talk about Jackass Forever. There’s something quite touching, she says, watching this worse-for-the-wear crew continue to hurtle itself into oblivion and hit themselves in the nuts. Mortality is near, and they are still hilarious. However, she does think that the Jackass franchise should re-examine how it treats animals. Fair enough.

Enjoy the show!

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