BFG Podcast #020: Colson Whitehead, ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,’ ‘Cinderella,’ and More

Our editor and writers break down the week in culture

This week, editor-in-chief Neal Pollack welcomes Art Edwards to talk about the new Colson Whitehead period crime novel, ‘Harlem Shuffle‘. Edwards acknowledges Whitehead’s immense gifts but wonders if the hype outreaches the content on this book. He’s disappointed in the low-stakes vibe of the plot, and feels like the book is mostly atmosphere, no sizzle.

Then Neal celebrates the box-office success of ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,’ emphasizing that it’s safe to go to the movies and always has been. Despite attempts to keep the population in a state of current COVID anxiety, stadiums and movie theaters are full, let’s not lock down again.

Finally, William Schwartz stops by Podcast Central to talk about ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,’ the Hulu show that resembles, but in the end is nothing like the hit ‘The White Lotus.’ And he and Neal have a lot of fun with the weird new Amazon Prime ‘Cinderella‘ movie, which talks about smashing the patriarchy in a world completely ruled by queens. Give it a listen, you won’t be sorry!

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