Gina Carano Strikes Back

‘Star Wars’ outcast goes full conservative with Western thriller ‘Terror on the Prairie’

Gina Carano returns to the screen with a vengeance in Terror on the Prairie! Oh, dear Lord, thanks for answering my prayers (I love that woman)… And she returns with guns…and with bullets…and angry… and ready to kick ass…ready to shoot as much as she can and kill the bad guys till they are as dead as (sorry-not-so-sorry) the Kenobi series…

Terror on the Prairie opens today June 14th on Daily Wire’s streaming service. Her new film promises  a pure, hardcore-violent and unsweetened act of survival in the best place and time in the history of the United States, when you could take revenge, kill, and try to survive, also while talking to a prostitute in a bar and then kidnapping her on horseback. You guessed it: the Wild West.

So screw you Disney, Baby Yoda and all that Hollywood wokeism that failed in the attempt to cancel Carano from the  entertainment biz. Mando’s former partner is facing a true gang that seems to have come out of hell or even maybe they come from a town even worse than hell!). But Gina, all dressed up as a cowgirl, is ready to…

Wooooa…Ok, ok, time to relax. Let ‘s start again.

The story goes something like this: What Hollywood didn’t know is that Ben Shapiro was putting together a master plan with renegade Texan producer Dallas Sonnier to join forces between Daily Wire and Bonfire Legend (Dallas’ company) to create and produce everything that today would  bebanned, and erased from this “new (ab) normal” Hollywood that ostracirze who dares to violates whatever crazy standards they have.

So now, Bonfire Legend and Daily Wire have created a gateway for the conservative audience. And Dallas Sonnier himself explained it to me this way: “Remember how awesome American movies used to be? Remember when Hollywood cared about producing movies that were entertaining, riveting, and discussion-worthy instead of vehicles for pearl-clutching school teacher lecturing, disingenuous morality, groupthink, and a bunch of esoteric pandering that anyone with a shred of honesty knows is a bunch of crap?” As a good Venezuelan, of course I remember and miss such great American entertainment.

Sonnier continues: “As it pertains to our culture as Americans, we are truly at a crossroads. One route calls for a Cultural Populist revolution, led by based freethinkers across the political spectrum who are sick and tired of cavalier elites seeking power as an end into itself by silencing anything that elevates or empowers the individual. While there is certainly an argument that there are more important things to worry about than pop culture, the truth is that if we don’t understand and appreciate the importance of having certain fundamental values that citizens of all social strata, stars, and stripes can share via a said common national popular culture, one that binds us, if we don’t even attempt to preserve and protect this culture, the American experiment will eventually be rendered futile.”

The thing is: these guys want to make cool, edgy movies. however they want to make them, without asking for permission or forgiveness. And they have recruited a surprising number of talent identified as conservative, willing to work without the demands of Hollywood. And certainly more and more spaces are opening up for the development of what is already in progress: a decentralization of the creation, production and distribution of content for all types of audiences.

Terror on The Prairie is the second original film from Bonfire Legend/Daily Wire, following the February 2022 release of the D.J Caruso-directed thriller Shut In. They also distributed the solid school-shooting thriller ‘Run Hide Fight.’ The summary of the film, directed by Michael Polish and starring Gina Carano, Cowboy Cerrone, Nick Searcy, Samaire Armstrong, Tyler Fischer & Heath Freeman, shoots relentlessly: “On the Montana plains, a frontier woman must protect herself against a ruthless gang of outlaws hell-bent on revenge.” And boom, let the first corpse come.

From The OC to the CC

Actress Samaire Armstrong is part of the cast of Terror on the Praire. And with more than 20 years in the industry, she has had to live all the good, the bad and the horrible of Hollywood. Samaire’s career is extensive but many remember her for her portrayal of the loving character Anna Stern in the early 2000’s teen drama The OC.

Coming out of the political closet and announcing that she was a conservative. I mean, that was so outrageous that it seemed more like Armstrong was confessing she killed Tupac… or JFK… or the other Kennedy… Or the other one! But much has changed for her since she came out as a conservative and showed her open support for President Trump. Then, time passed by as if nothing happened. Well, except for a small pandemic, and the new sacred rule: now men are menstruating. You know, ordinary stuff. Nothing weird.

Probably thanks to this crazy and dangerous scenario, now Samire wants to get to the City Council… Didn’t see this one coming, right? Armstrong, who is currently running for mayor of Sedona, Arizona, has become a spokesperson and activist against what she considers to be anti-American.

But luckily, for people like Gina and Armstrong, who were maybe fed up with the Hollywood system, Bonfire Legend opened up a space, not to try to destroy old Hollywood but to…Well, maybe they do want to destroy it and build something new.

Terror on the Prairie
Samaire Armstrong and Gina Carano, proudly conservative on the set of ‘Terror on the Prairie’. (Photo: Samaire Armstrong). 

Sonnier notes: “Bonfire Legend’s cultural populist ethos is what drives us to make movies for the people, and not just China or a dozen cosmopolitan millennials in Brooklyn (though we’re more than happy if they love our movies, too!). The entrepreneurs who founded Hollywood were fiercely patriotic, the polar opposite of today’s corporate Hollywood lemmings. We’re not ashamed of our taste, in fact, we’re passionately defensive of it. We are on the cusp of the next cultural renaissance, a late 60’s/70’s style reinvention of popular culture. As counterproductive as it might seem, it’s time to stop caring about Washington (it doesn’t ‘care’ about you). Stop running. Stop hiding. Start fighting back on the cultural ground that our “woke” authoritarian ideology elites have been tearing down.“

And of course the shooting of Terror on the Prairie must have been something unforgettable and that’s how Samaire remembers it: “Shooting was incredible, surreal, euphoric… You have to understand, for over twenty years I worked in an industry where no one actually knew the real me. I went to film sets, and casting offices where people openly trash talked people who held values like mine. I was hiding even from my closest friends. I was in hiding because I am not a communist, and I believe in personal sovereignty and responsibility. It blows my mind that there are Americans who think socialism is a better way to  exist.

And now for the much-needed and long-awaited moment of the Pulitzer question: How cool is Gina Carano? Armstrong says: “The fact that Disney and friends canceled Gina from her show, perfectly illustrates how corrupt and backwards Hollywood is. Gina Carano is a woman that any sane person would look up to, and revere. She is the type of person that you would want your children to idolize. When you understand that that is who Gina is, when you see her heart is of pure gold and how she genuinely cares for others, you then can see clearly why Hollywood would have none of her, and reject her like a hot flame. She is too pure for them.”

I honestly hope this movie kicks all the woke asses from here to that horrible bat-eating place called Wuhan.

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