Need to Spice Up Your Relationship? Try BookTok!

Romance lovers bring their favorite novel tropes to real-life relationships

Lovers of romance novels are taking to TikTok to realize treasured tropes in their real life relationships. You know the one I’m talking about: our two protagonists are having a *moment*, and the taller one leans their arm above the other so their hand is against the wall and their body towers over them. And they miiiiight just lean in and kiss… Or when that same big, burly protagonist tenderly lifts their lovers chin up with their finger so their eyes meet. And just maaaaaybe they kiss again. (You get the idea.)

Book lovers and content creators have taken such ideas to TikTok, where they are acting out these romantic moments for our viewing pleasure. And the results are pretty cute!


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Most reactions to these videos are of surprise: many people who’ve tried it report that they didn’t know their partners could make them swoon. I love seeing how often the non-door-leaning participant just falls to the ground in shock and overwhelm. Or as romance writer Nichole Perkins, author of Sometimes I Trip on How Happy We Could Be, said it in a tweet: “I love the way the women short-circuit lol. Stop mocking romance and let it guide you to new discoveries!” Some of the men seem to take to the task right away, while others require quite a bit of loving guidance. But it’s very clear, from the reactions of the women on TikTok, that though this trend might have started as a joke, it also works. 

Perkins credits TikTok creator @elite.reading with originating the trend, and her “Book Husband” playlist has over 30 dreamy videos in the genre. On her door leaning video, the creator Laura commented, “He RAN with it and I was a puddle.”

Dare I say this is an online book trend with no bad takes so far? How long until the thumb-under-the-chin trend gets milkshake ducked?


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