Supporting HBO Characters You Can Be For Halloween

Impress Your Snooty Friends and Co-Workers with These Obscure Premium-Cable Costumes

If you’re wondering how to quickly and cheaply slap together a last-minute Halloween costume based on supporting HBO characters while exclusively shopping at Amazon, I’ve got you covered. Sure, 10 percent of people at your Halloween party and zero percent of trick-or-treaters will have any idea what your costume is, but those 10 percent will want to be your best friend and you might even get an HBO Twitter account retweet out of the deal.

Here are my three favorite minor characters for whom you can put together a semi-recognizable costume in a few easy steps.

Costume #1

No Ho Hank” from Barry in disguise at a yoga store 

You could do bald cap Hank, but go for peak Hank obscurity and hilarity when he was in disguise visiting Barry at work in the yoga shop. Hank is the breakout funniest character in “Barry” and if you can pull off his voice while looking extra silly in that wig, I assure you a fun Halloween. The shorts are optional. You won’t really want to hold them all night.

The costume pieces:

  1. Blond men’s wig
  2. Purple Hawaiin shirt
  3. Men’s green running shorts

Total cost: ~ $35-$50


Costume #2

Kendall Roy doing his rap at his dad’s surprise party in Succession



Kendall’s rap was the most cringe-y moment of the season. The Ringer wrote an entire piece breaking it down and I recommend memorizing a few verses so you can fully pull off this costume. Full disclosure, this is my Halloween costume. I assume anyone doing this costume already has a white dress shirt, so the custom jersey, ring and bowtie are all you need to complete the look. A microphone is optional. When I say L, you say OG…

The costume pieces:

  1. Custom pinstripe jersey with L OG and 50 on front and Roy 50 on back
  2. Gaudy pinky ring
  3. Bowtie

 Total cost: ~$60


Costume #3

Kelvin Gemstone’s around-the-house look from The Righteous Gemstones


This wayward brother’s around the house look is a little pricey, but you can be flexible about the jewelry. However, the distressed jeans, V-neck and at least one cross necklace are non-negotiable items.

The costume pieces:

Costume cost ~$100

Have a happy HBO Halloween.

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