BFG #083: ‘Wednesday,’ ‘Harry & Meghan,’ and ‘Jeanne Dielman

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On this week’s podcast, Neal Pollack welcomes in Stephen Garrett for an exhaustive conversation about ‘Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles,’ which the once-a-decade Sight and Sound poll recently named the ‘Greatest Film of All Time.’ Such things are inherently subjective, and maybe two middle-aged men aren’t the ones to discuss the film, but Stephen thinks it’s a fascinating experiment and Neal mostly marvels at the fact that he actually lived in Brussels in 1975. I mean, who does that? In any case, Jeanne Dielman is waiting for you, for the next decade and beyond.

Paula Shaffer stops in to discuss ‘Wednesday.’ She says it looks great but is not “fun.” It would seem that “fun” is important for a show set in the Addams Family universe, but producer Tim Burton decides to take that universe in the “dark fantasy” direction of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Riverdale. It’s what the kids want, maybe.

We have entered the Harry and Meghan discourse, as Matthew Ehrlich discusses the first half of ‘Harry & Meghan,’ the Netflix documentary. Matthew doubts the “falling in love” narrative that the documentary presents. Neal is surprised to learn that, by the end of the documentary, Harry & Meghan aren’t even married yet. Are they heroes? Villains? Are they winning just because we’re talking about them on the podcast? Probably.

Enjoy the show!

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