BFG Podcast #026: ‘Dune,’ ‘Titane,’ and Mel Brooks

Our editor and writers bust open the week in culture

In this week’s brief but thrilling edition of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast, Neal Pollack and Stephen Garrett talk about movies! Yes, it’s two white guys talking about movies. You don’t get that anywhere else. Stephen Garrett loves the new version of ‘Dune.’ It’s epic and gripping and even occasionally funny. He recommends you see it on the big screen. Don’t watch it on your phone!

Neal grapples with ‘Titane.’ On the one hand, it’s gross and weird and tense. On the other hand, there’s never been another movie quite like it. Again, it’s probably a film you should see on the big screen if possible.

Then Paula Shaffer stops into the podcast zone to talk with Neal about the miraculous Mel Brooks sequel to History of the World Part 1. Neal and Paula agree that History of the World Part 1 isn’t even that good, but there’s also nothing quite like it. History of the World Part 2 is certain to save the dying art of comedy.

It slices, it dices, it fills your heart with love. It’s the Book and Film Globe week in review podcast!

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