BFG Podcast #002: The Book and Film Globe Week in Review Podcast

The second edition of our weekly show, which covers the cultural waterfront

In this second edition of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast, recorded live on the Clubhouse app, BFG editor-in-chief Neal Pollack talks to Lily Moayeri about Iranian fiction and concludes that ‘The Immortals of Tehran’ lacks magic: “Centuries of inherited superstitions for Iranians is magical realism to the rest of the world. These colorful and far-fetched superstitions are what make up the sturdy fabric of the culture’s rich and enduring traditions. Iranian author and translator Ali Araghi uses these superstitions as the scaffold upon which The Immortals of Tehran, his first novel in English just released in paperback, builds its multi-generational story.” Unfortunately, this family saga of 20th Century Iran could use more realism and less whimsy. Pablo Gallaga stops by to chat about the new ‘Mortal Kombat‘ movie. Michael Giltz appears to review this year’s New York Independent Film Critics awards. And a panel of BFG contributors previews this year’s Oscars show. Check it out!

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