Book and Film Globe’s Debut Podcast

The Week In Review, recorded live on Clubhouse, presented here for your pleasure

The Book and Film Globe podcast made its debut this week on Clubhouse. Every Friday at 1 pm EST, BFG editor in chief Neal Pollack will discuss the week’s best stories with the writers who created them. This week on the podcast, Neal talks about his story on the demise of LA’s beloved Arclight movie theater with the site’s chief film critic Stephen Garrett. They also discuss Stephen’s take on ‘My Octopus Teacher.’ Oddsmaker Daniel Cohen joins Neal to ponder who is most likely to replace Alex Trebek as permanent host of Jeopardy! As a bonus, they also handicap who will win the pandemic edition of Top Chef. And finally, Omar Gallaga joins the show to discuss Thunder Force and reveals himself to be a “Melissa McCarthy apologist, no matter how many times she hurts me.”

Listen in here:

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