BFG Podcast #069: Better Call Saul, She-Hulk, and More!

Our contributors break down the culture

The streaming business is changing, and we’re all over it! Ace reporter Jake Harris drops into the podcast to talk to host Neal Pollack about big changes at HBO Max and Paramount+. If you watch Star Trek, you can shop at Walmart for free, just as Gene Roddenberry intended. Neal suggest that BFG get into the business by bundling streaming TV, books, and Girl Scout cookies. Big changes are coming.

Meanwhile, the golden era of TV came to a somber end with the final episode of Better Call Saul on AMC. Samuel Porteous joins Neal to praise the show and lament its end. Just like classic noir movies give us important insight into what life was like in post-WW2 (black and white) America, Vince Gilligan has left us with a forever impression of life in Albuquerque in the 90s and aughts. A BFG farewell to Slippin’ Jimmy.

And the green age of TV has begun with the much-anticipated arrival of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, on Disney+. Neal welcomes special guest and Marvel expert Douglas Wolk to discuss the comics history of the emerald goddess and whether or not a superhero legal comedy is a good idea. The verdict is out on the show, but Neal and Douglas both agree it was a long time coming.

TV lawyers are in and out of love on this week’s podcast. Enjoy!

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