BFG Podcast #063: It’s Elvis Week!

Our editor and writers talk about ‘Elvis,’ and also about Elvis

On this week’s BFG podcast, we talk about the hit movie ‘Elvis.’ And also about other movies starring Elvis. And about Elvis in general. It’s Elvis Week! Enjoy the show.

Gillian Gaar joins editor-in-chief Neal Pollack to discuss the history of Elvis biopics. She concludes that the currently Elvis, Austin Butler, is the best screen Elvis. Naturally, she likes 1979’s Kurt Russell Elvis, but Butler gets the nod because he takes the performance into Vegas Elvis and overweight decline Elvis. What a performance. Also, she notes, Kurt Russell was once in an Elvis movie, playing a kid who kicks Elvis in the shins. Who else on Earth gets that distinction? No one!

Stephen Garrett emerges from backstage to discuss the Baz Luhrmann movie ‘Elvis‘. He asks, “Is anyone going to see this movie?” And Neal warns him not to underestimate the passion of Elvis fans. Sure enough, the movie did good box office. Stephen praises the lush production design. Both he and Neal love the music and Butler’s performance. But Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker gets bad reviews. Neal proposes that Hanks get a Razzie nomination. Butler has to be a favorite to get an Oscar nomination. Let it all come true, baby!

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