BFG Week in Review Podcast #050: ‘The Dropout,’ ‘WeCrashed,’ Morbius’…and more!

Our editor and writers break into the culture

In this week’s groundbreaking 50th! episode of the BFG Week in Review, editor Neal Pollack welcomes Rachel Llewellyn into the pod dome to talk about the proliferation of lady scammer shows. Rachel posits that it’s easy to turn popular podcast material into drama, and that this is just an IP ploy by streaming services. Regardless, Neal says, these are entertaining shows and movies that will provide award bait and also entertain people of years to come. And then he tries to draw Rachel into a pyramid scheme.

Stephen Garrett appears to discuss the “nothingburger” second-tier movie ‘Morbius‘. In true counterintuitive fashion, Stephen doesn’t hate Morbius as much as other movie critics, but he also says it feels like the first act of a longer story. He also doesn’t agree with Neal that ‘The Lost Boys’ is a vampier movie classic. He much prefers Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Dracula,’ which just goes to show that being the editor of a pop-culture publication doesn’t mean you have good taste.

We close with a hot disco number from the George Hamilton 1970s vampire comedy ‘Love At First Bite.’ Join us for the world’s sexiest and smartest pop-culture podcast! Fifty episodes, my goodness.

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