BFG Week in Review Podcast #045: ‘Ulysses’, ‘1883’, and ‘The Batman’

Our editor and critics break down the culture

In this week’s groundbreaking edition of the BFG Week in Review Podcast, editor Neal Pollack welcomes Michael Washburn to discuss why, 100 years after its publication, ‘Ulysses‘ still generates controversy. Then Neal and Michael discover they both participated in the same Bloomsday reading of ‘Ulysses’ in 2001. In Philadelphia. It’s a small, small world.

Adam Hirschfelder, our Taylor Sheridan correspondent, pops by to give his assessment of ‘1883‘, the historical extension of the ‘Yellowstone’ extended universe. Neal and Adam agree that the Western is back, and that Sheridan is tapping into something primal and popular in American taste. Adam also has lots of praise for the star-making turn of Isabel May, who plays the season’s heroine.

Stephen Garrett heeds the signal and joins Neal to talk about ‘The Batman,’ which he praises for its atmospherics and semi-fresh take on the Caped Crusader, though he does think it’s too long. Neal is not so hot for this Batman. He prefers dumb, fun Batman. To each their Bat-own, we say.

See you next week, same BFG time, same BFG channel.

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