BFG Week in Review Podcast #054: ‘The Flight Attendant,’ Problems at Netflix, and ‘King Tut’

Raised in Arizona, our host Neal Pollack and his guests break down the culture

After last week’s smashing Viking-themed content, we return to our regularly-scheduled programming with an excellent edition of the BFG Week in Review. Neal Pollack welcomes back Matthew Ehrlich to talk about ‘The Flight Attendant,’ a show on HBO Max that depicts a fantasy world where airline travel is still glamorous. The Kaley Cuoco star vehicle has entered its second season. “What if they made a sequel to North By Northwest?” Matthew wonders. It is a good question!

Jake Harris enters thunderdome to talk about trouble at Netflix. He and Neal conclude that reports of the streaming giant’s demise are greatly exaggerated. But the era of one-price-fits-all and no commercials is definitely coming to an end. Neal doubts Jake’s premise that the Big Red N is drifting in the direction of interactive video games. Anyone who has played ‘Trivia Quest’ should quickly be able to disabuse consumers of that notion.

Then Jake stays around to discuss the recent controversy over King Tut, the Steve Martin 1978 comedy bit that “resurfaced” last week so cultural Twitter would have something to do. Steve Martin is not going anywhere. King Tut is harmless fun, and you have to put it in the context of its times. Most disturbingly, Jake says his parents “hadn’t even started dating” in 1978. Give that Neal was eight years old and listening to that song on the Dr. Demento show, it makes for unsettling news for our BFG editor in chief.

Enjoy the show!

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