BFG Podcast #053: IT’S VIKING WEEK

Our editor and writers discuss ‘The Northman,’ ‘The Last Kingdom,’ and Lady Thor

Follow the Bifrost to Valhalla, it’s VIKING WEEK on the Book and Film Globe podcast. Vikings are all the rage in pop culture, and we cover the frozen waterfront.

First, Neal Pollack discusses the arrival of Natalie Portman’s “Lady Thor” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Haters are going to hate, but a female Thor is canon now. Not only buff blond men are worthy of wielding the mighty hammer.

Then comes Stephen Garrett with a guttural wolf howl to review ‘The Northman.’ He and Neal both enjoyed the bone-rattling action, and all the “realism” that comes with a naked sword fight at the rim of a volcano. Any movie that features a blind Bjork, a noseless warrior, and Nicole Kidman as a slave/queen is OK with us.

Finally, G.L. Ford sails over to talk about ‘The Last Kingdom.’ Compared with ‘The Northman,’ The Last Kingdom is an episode of Barney and Friends. But it’s also a brutal representation of British/Danish history and certainly has its own library of slit throats and severed limbs.

Viking times were brutal. But they are fun to watch. Please give our delightful Viking episode of the podcast a listen. And play ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong.’ PLAY IT.

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