BFG Podcast #108

‘Asteroid City,’ ‘Black Mirror,’ and ‘Secret Invasion’

In this week’s space-tinged episode of the BFG podcast, Neal Pollack welcomes JP Guinn to discuss ‘Asteroid City,‘ the delightful new Wes Anderson film that pays homage to the 1950s in many different ways. Neal liked the goofy songs, JP loved the off-kilter humor, they both enjoyed the stop-motion animation. According to our critics, who are not all critics but are the best critics, this was a delightful addition to the Wes Anderson canon, and they discuss the film delightfully.

The new season of ‘Black Mirror’ is a bit more of a mixed bag. Omar Gallaga joins Neal to talk about the the direction that Charlie Brooker has taken his tech sci-fi anthology show. While they don’t necessarily hate the swerve toward more generalized horror and suspense, there is some wistful nostalgia (for a show that mocks nostalgia) about the days when Black Mirror showed us how twisted our modern technology really is. More like ‘Joan is Awful,’ please!

And less like ‘Secret Invasion‘. Marvel has taken a turn toward the dour and un-fun in its latest Disney+ TV offer, which brings Samuel L. Jackson back to Earth to deal with shape-shifting aliens, in a show that shouldn’t be boring but is kind of boring. Scott Gold, former podcast usurper, joins Neal to lament this dull MCU turn. They are not grown men talking about comic books at all, no sir!

Enjoy the show.

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