BFG Podcast #075

‘Amsterdam,’ ‘Tár,’ and ‘Hellraiser’

It’s another marvelous edition of the world’s most popular entertainment podcast. Host Neal Pollack takes it to David O. Russell’s ‘Amsterdam,’ slamming the movie for its hammy performances, clunky writing, and pretentious self-importance. Stephen Garrett kind of disagrees, saying the movie doesn’t totally hold together, but he finds the central relationships touching, and believes ‘Amsterdam’ has a lot to offer audiences. Audiences, however, disagree, as the movie has flopped.

Stephen has kind words for ‘Tár,‘ a movie about a troubled genius conductor played by Cate Blanchett. Director Todd Field digs deep into the arcana of the contemporary music world, featuring several gripping extended conversations about classical music that have riveted audiences despite the fact that they’re extended conversations about classical music. Stephen found the movie’s denouement a little disappointing and quick but otherwise highly recommends this film.

Pablo Gallaga stops by the podcast barn to talk about the ‘Hellraiser‘ reboot currently on Hulu. Pinhead is now a lady priest, but the Cenobites remain as perverted as ever, and the Lamentation Puzzle or whatever you call it still summons up deadly stuff whenever you solve it. Don’t solve it, that’s what we say.

Enjoy the program!

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