BFG Podcast #119

The politics of bringing a show back during a Hollywood strike, a report from the Toronto International Film Festival, and a summer of drama around ‘Yellowstone’–plus a review of ‘Special Ops: Lioness’

Since Jake Harris and host Neal Pollack recorded their segment of this week’s BFG Podcast, both Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher have made the decision not to resume production of their respective talk shows without writers. Barrymore got a ton of public pressure to rescind her decision, and Maher says that since the WGA and the AMPTP are going back to the table, he’s willing to wait a few more weeks. God willing, the strikes will end soon and the sluice pipe of content will open up again. Meanwhile, Neal and Jake have a fascinating conversation about the politics of the strike and the difficult decisions content creators are having to make during this unprecedented labor action.

Stephen Garrett makes his triumphant reappearance on the show, reporting from the Toronto International Film Festival. Stephen loved new movies from Richard Linklater and Ava Duvernay, giving them both the highest possible marks. He and Neal also mock Alexander Payne’s contention that Toronto is the “Paris of North America.” It is not. Neal also introduces a variety of gut-splitting new ice-cream flavors from famous Hollywood directors.

Finally, Adam Hirschfelder continues to serve what is now a life sentence observing drama surrounding Taylor Sheridan and the ‘Yellowstone’ universe. He and Neal parse the meaning of life, of ‘Special Ops: Lioness,’ and of Kevin Costner’s epic contract dispute. And then Adam returns to the Yellowstone Reddit forums, to which we have banished him until the end of his days.

Enjoy the show!

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