BFG Week in Review Podcast #039: Boba Fett, Macbeth, ‘How I Met Your Father’, and ‘Ghosts’

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In this week’s record-setting 39th episode of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast, Neal Pollack welcomes renowned Star Wars geek Scott Gold to talk about ‘The Book of Boba Fett‘. Neal and Scott, both of whom are still eight years old, are loving the extended looks that the series gives the rancor, the Tusken Raiders, the Twi’leks, and so much more. Scott marvels at how good Jennifer Beals, hidden from us all those years, still looks. And they both praise Temuera Morrison’s fantastic performance as Boba Fett, the man himself. They’re more divided on the space Vespa-riding “mods,’ who seem transplanted from another franchise, but let’s not forget that, at its core, this is a series for children.

Speaking of not for children, Stephen Garrett comes by to talk about Joel Coen’s ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth,’ which no children are watching unless their parents are especially brutal home-school tyrants. Stephen has nice things to say about the performances and the occasional strokes of cinematographic genius. But this Macbeth often feels like Shakespeare by the numbers at best. And at worst, it aesthetically resembles a 1980s TV perfume ad.

Finally, Paula Shaffer steps into the podcast box to eviscerate the new Hulu sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ which is like How I Met Your Mother, only without the star power, catchphrases, or good jokes. This will almost certainly not join the ranks of sitcom legend.

Surprisingly, though, ‘Ghosts‘ on CBS has a better shot at longevity. This year’s most popular new sitcom is about a bunch of wacky historical ghosts who haunt a millennial couple that inherit an old house. Paula praises the show’s goofy, sweet charms, and she loves its star, Rose McIver.

Let our podcast haunt you for days! Or at least for a half house. Thanks for listening.

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