Literary Twitter Goes Rooney Tunes Over New Sally Rooney Novel Announcement

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Queen of sparse sentences, wealthy white Marxists, and longing, Sally Rooney is back, baby! The Normal People author will publish her third novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You, on September 7, 2021, and literary Twitter is not here for it.

“Rooney Toons, we ride again,” tweeted Real Life author Brandon Taylor.

Rooney sold Beautiful World in a two-book deal to Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The New York Times reports that the novel will follow four (beautiful, smart) Irish young people navigating “the pressures of work and relationships against the backdrop of political turmoil and fears about their economic futures.”

Her first two novels sold more than a million copies in the U.S. alone. Hulu and the BBC adapted her sophomore novel, Normal People, for TV. You will also remember that Lorrie Moore destroyed Rooney in an essay last year, providing a focus for many writers that haven’t drunk the Rooney Kool-aid.

Normal People
The TV adaptation of ‘Normal People’ by the living devil, Sally Rooney.

“Sally Rooney will continue to increase the number of young ppl in her novels until we yield to her demands,” wrote reporter Erin Somers, continuing, “The year is 2050. Sally Rooney has just announced a novel about the love lives of 16 young Dubliners attending Trinity. They are smart but also hot. How to live?”

“I don’t care what the new Sally Rooney books is named, I’m calling it Foursome People,” tweeted Elisa Gabbert.

“*beeeeeeep* I’m sorry, I’m not available for new Sally Rooney discourse right now, I’m busy dealing with insurrection, pandemic, and online school. Please leave a message but assume I will literally never engage in this topic. *beeeeep*” tweeted writer Amber Sparks. “But, Amber, the only thing that can unite American writers is discussing the same three writers nonstop, mostly by not reading them then complaining on Twitter,” replied Matt Bell.

Yours truly, insufferable simp for emo literature and yearning, cannot agree. A new Rooney book in 2021 is a light in the darkness! I have so many reasons to cry, and her mechanical renderings of sex scenes and heartbreak shall be the catalyst. Thankfully, there are others on this world wide web who agree with me.

“sally rooney’s new book sounds so fucking good omg, ready to have another breakdown at 3 am after finishing it,” tweeted user @ncrmalpeople.

“genuinely looking forward to sally rooney book 3! no number of NYC thinkpieces that think all novelists are oberlin grads can change this,” wrote Salome Wagaine. “they can suck joy from wherever they want and be frustrated fiction doesn’t solve our clapped politics but i think her prose is interesting and accessible!”

“Her books are always political, because they’re about how people need to figure out how to live together, how should we behave,” says Mitzi Angel, who acquired Rooney’s novel. “Those questions are present in the book, and she asks them without earnestness, but with a great deal of sincerity.”

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