The Top Six Shows We Said Goodbye to in 2019

Yes, Even Game of Thrones

This year forced us to say goodbye to many of our old TV favorites. Here are six that we’ll remember fondly, even Game Of Thrones.

Orange Is the New Black

When this show was good it was very very good, but when it was bad most of us stopped watching. Whatever we may feel about the last few seasons, we still have to be grateful to this show for bringing us Laverne Cox, Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, Samira Wiley, and company into our homes for six seasons. Creator Jenji Kohan gave us an ensemble we weren’t worthy of and managed to raise some questions about power dynamics, classism, sexism, and racism that perhaps a sizable part of the Netflix audience never thought to ask.

You’re the Worst

The show never got the proper recognition it deserved, and while it wasn’t always pitch-perfect, it was hard to ignore the masterful character development and sharp writing that made it stand out above the other shows on FXX. Not only did this half-hour comedy manage to tackle self-sabotage, PTSD, clinical depression, and abortion, but it did so in engaging and beautiful ways while staying true to its comedy roots. This last season managed to send all of our beloved characters off in ways true to their arcs and to the show itself.


While this was an ensemble-driven show full of lovable and narcissistic characters, it was, most of all, the ultimate showcase for our reigning queen of TV comedy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. For seven seasons we watched her, as Selina Meyer, say and do the most deliciously dark things on her quest to make her mark on the political landscape. The writing staff effortlessly skewered American politics while spinning the show’s signature use of profanity into award-winning comedy gold.  We’ll miss this masterclass in political satire for years to come.

Broad City

The show started out as an excuse to watch two friends Abbi and Ilana (Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer) navigate their twenties in New York. It quickly became clear that this show was also the smart feminist millennial comedy that television sorely lacked. The show introduced us to Jacobson and Glazer, shot down numerous stigmas about carefree women, and has already inspired more shows to put women’s friendship first as opposed to making the journey about finding a man and settling down. For Broad City, the main idea was always about Abbi and Ilana finding themselves while supporting each other in their individual goals. The final season did that beautifully while allowing the two comedy queens at the helm to show off a full wheelhouse of raw emotion as they said goodbye to each other and, ultimately, goodbye to us.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge returned with a second and final season of Fleabag that not only managed to outshine the first season but also gave us what is possibly the best season of television this year. This season saw our beloved Fleabag (Waller-Bridge) on the mend after a couple of pretty difficult years and fall for Hot Priest (Andrew Scott) while on her journey of self-discovery. She also patched things up with her sister, Claire (Sian Clifford), as they both made difficult decisions that were at times heartbreaking and hilarious. The finale was perfect and definitely left a giant show-hole for its fans.

Game of Thrones

While this last season was a dumpster fire littered with paper coffee cups, water bottles, and extremely questionable writing, the cast still managed to churn out amazing performances that pulled us all back to our screens on Sunday nights. Even when it was painful to watch, and there was no time to build to a worthy endgame for the characters, the cast did the best they could with what the showrunners gave them, and we can never doubt their commitment to their craft. We also have to appreciate that the show provided closure, even if it did feel rushed and laughable.

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