Cormac McCarthy: Still Not on Twitter

The service verified a fake McCarthy account, not for the first time

I’ve never read Cormac McCarthy, but I’ve seen No Country For Old Men and I can still say with 100 percent certainty that he doesn’t give a shit about the menu at McDonald’s. Nevertheless, a fake Twitter account pretending to be the Blood Meridian author tweeted, “What has happened to my country in the last four years that caused McMuffins to cost four dollars now,” and the Twitter gods went ahead and verified them.

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“The account referenced was verified by mistake, and that has since been reversed,” said a statement from Twitter. “The account will also be required to adhere to Twitter’s parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan account policy,” which, according to Vice, means @CormacMcCrthy will have to change their bio and account name. They also confirmed with a number of spokespeople for McCarthy that he was not among the scrolling masses.

The account is, obviously, no longer verified. But to be honest, I kind of get the confusion. Even I mistakenly liked the tweet that set this in motion:


To top it off, this mystery tweeter has been posing as McCarthy since 2018! (Their second tweet: “The pizza restaurant down the street smells of cheese and dough and beer and abandoned dreams. The kind of dreams you surrender to the void when your public service student loan forgiveness doesnt [sic] work out.”) That is some unparalleled dedication to shitposting as a famous author.

However, this didn’t fool literary Twitter. The New Republic’s Alex Shepherd has a really funny thread in which he painstakingly proves that I was a dummy for liking the first fake Cormac McCarthy tweet. He begins, “Twitter VERIFIED this obviously fake account?????”

“Cormac McCarthy has never been on Twitter, I promise,” tweeted Maris Kreizman. “At the very least, Cormac McCarthy would not choose a Twitter handle that reads like a phishing attempt.”

Adding insult to injury is the news that this is not the first time a fake Cormac McCarthy has made waves on That account, @CormacCMcCarthy, was so convincing that bird site CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted, “Join me in welcoming

@CormacCMcCarthy to Twitter! We have the best authors in the world right here.”

Nevertheless, my new favorite thing is dumb tweets written in the fake Cormac McCarthy voice. Get Emma Berquist an award!

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  • August 4, 2021 at 8:29 pm

    You’re not a dummy for liking a parody. Parodies are funny. That’s why they’re popular.


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