BFG Podcast #017: ‘Ted Lasso,’ ‘The White Lotus,’ and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Our editor and writers break down the week in culture

Here we are again, in Book and Film Globe podcast land! Editor-in-chief Neal Pollack has a bone to pick with Ted Lasso, and pick it he does! But first, Neal welcomes William Schwartz to talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s curious interpretation of Cuban culture in ‘Vivo.’ Then Adam Hirschfelder takes time out of his busy, busy schedule to wonder why we need a second season of HBO’s ‘The White Lotus.’ Adam also hilariously states that critics are part of the “one percent,” probably because he hasn’t fully internalized our pay rates yet.

Finally, Scott Gold steps into the executioner’s chair, forced to listen to Neal Pollack rant about the ‘Ted Lasso’ Christmas episode to him for 12 minutes. Scott is a brave man. Brave than all of us, really.

Enjoy the podcast!

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