BFG Podcast #025: ‘Fauci,’ Chappelle, ‘Maid,’ and More!

Our editor and writers break down the culture

In this week’s electric episode of The Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast, editor Neal Pollack welcomes sometimes guest editor Sharyn Vane to talk about the insane trend of parents trying to ban books that are not about pedophilia–but which they claim are about pedophilia–from school reading lists. This is a strange and disturbing trend that we’ll continue to cover.

Then first-time contributor Matt Brown joins Neal to talk about the ludicrous hagiographical documentary ‘Fauci’, now airing on Disney+. Neal asks Matt if he’ll be staying away from family during the holidays as the doctor suggests. That seems unlikely.

Dave Chappelle continues to linger in the news, and Neal speaks with contributor Michael Patrick Welch about Chappelle’s new special ‘The Closer.‘ Michael, who runs a restaurant in the New Orleans area, says that Chappelle’s supposedly controversial views about transgendered people actually resonate with his customers.

Finally, G.L. Ford appears to talk about the Netflix show ‘Maid,’ and he and Neal both agree that though Maid can sometimes be painful to watch, it’s also one of the best shows ever made about the difficulties of being poor in America, especially when you’re a parent.

This is a great episode (our 25th!) that deserves your ears. Thanks for listening!

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