BFG Podcast #036: ‘The Witcher,’ ‘Jeopardy!’ and the Best Movies of 2021

Our editor and contributors break down the culture

In this extraordinary edition of the BFG podcast, the first of 2022, editor Neal Pollack reveals, for the first time, that he didn’t really like ‘The Power of the Dog.’ Well, actually, it’s the third time. But our critic Sara Stewart did like the Jane Campion revisionist Western. She places it on her list of the best movies of last year. Other winners include BFG favorites ‘Dune,’ ‘Pig,’ ‘West Side Story,’ and ‘Barb and Star Go To Vista del Mar.’ Sara concludes that people will continue to “assess risk” when deciding whether or not they’re going to the movies. Neal doesn’t care about such things and will continue to see whatever, whenever. But they both love movies, and so do we.

Meanwhile, semi-professional game-show contestants Neal Pollack and Daniel Cohen talk about the craziest year in Jeopardy!’s history. The year began, they remind us, with Alex Trebek still officially hosting the show. After months of gut-wrenching scandal and court intrigue, the show finally settled down as some of the best contestants in its history began rattling off incredible win streaks. Neal and Daniel have watched it all and have the full summary.


Henry Cavill

Meanwhile, there are few bigger fans of ‘The Witcher’ than Scott Gold, who has played more than 400 hours of the video games on which Netflix has based its fantasy franchise. Neal has watched some of the show, so he lets Scott do the gushing, and explain why some fans aren’t thrilled with developments in Season 2. However, they both agree that Henry Cavill gives one of the most legendary performances in fantasy history. That man IS The Witcher. Toss him a coin.

Enjoy the show!

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