BFG Podcast #056: ‘The Kids In The Hall’ and Much More!

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In this week’s shocking and amazing edition of the BFG Week in Review podcast, editor Neal Pollack tackles the topic of abortion. Just what you wanted: To hear Neal Pollack talk about abortion. Well, fortunately, he brings in BFG contributor Paula Shaffer to talk about her article on how TV has handled the topic of unwanted pregnancy over the years. As you might expect, Jane the Virgin takes the crown. Shonda Rimes also gets a passing grade. We’re sure she’ll be relieved to hear that.

Then special guest star Philip Fracassi appears to plug his own terrific AudioHopper podcast, The Dark Word. Philip describes what makes his show so good: Listening to writers talk about the nuts and bolts of the publishing business rather than their own divine inspiration. Things veer a bit when Neal starts to ramble about his own publishing successes and failure. Apparently, the publishing business, and the entertainment business in general, are dark and evil because they’ve failed to fully reward his genius. Philip patiently waits for Neal to get back on topic.

Finally, Rachel Llewellyn stops by to chat with Pollack about the ‘Kids In The Hall‘ reboot, now airing on Amazon Prime. Rachel praises the Kids’s ability to craft a show despite their well-chronicled creative differences. Neal marvels at how well they’ve updated a 30-year-old show for modern sensibilities, crafting it around the themes of middle-aged decay while still keeping what made the show so funny and popular in the first place.

We’re crushing your head! Thanks for listening.

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Neal Pollack

Book and Film Globe Editor in Chief Neal Pollack is the author of 12 semi-bestselling books of fiction and nonfiction, including the memoirs Alternadad and Stretch, the novels Repeat and Downward-Facing Death, and the cult classic The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature. A Rotten Tomatoes certified reviewer for both film and television, Neal has written articles and humor for every English-language publication except The New Yorker. Neal lives in Austin, Texas, and is a three-time Jeopardy! champion.

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