BFG Podcast #065: ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Baymax!’ and ‘Love and Thunder’

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In this week’s edition of the BFG Podcast, editor-in-chief Neal Pollack throws a Molotov cocktail into the face of Stranger Things. It’s the most significant new pop-culture universe in years, he says. So why does it always feel like the show is hitting you in the face with a shovel? These are some of the great mysteries of Stranger Things.

Another mystery: Why is Disney+ continually pandering to the cultural left? This week, it’s Baymax from Big Hero Six showing a transgender person where to buy tampons. Thanks, helper robot! Disney has now alienated half its audience from a show no one was watching anyway. William Schwartz stops by to parse the controversy.

It’s another podcast week, so Pollack and Stephen Garrett must be discussing a Marvel movie. This week it’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ a loud and silly movie from Taika Waititi. It’s not bad, but Stephen found the fight scenes underwhelming, and Valkyrie underused. Neal hated Thor’s sidekick Korg. Listen for yourselves and draw your own opinions, as long as you agree with us!

Enjoy the show.

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