BFG Podcast #084: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ and This Year’s Best and Worst TV Shows

We make out with the culture

The holidays are in full force but BFG never stops bringing you the culture. This week’s podcast features editor Neal Pollack talking with critic Sara Stewart about ‘Avatar 2: The Way of Water.’ Sara is a devoted Avatar-head. Though she liked the long-awaited sequel, she admits that she’s “exhausted” after its nearly three and a half hour runtime. Both Neal and Sara admire the film’s technical accomplishments and action setpieces, but admit that the characterizations and dialogue, not James Cameron specialties, leave much to be desired. Sara is happy to see Jemaine Clement in action. Neal is unhappy about the character of Spider, a “Monkey Boy” who really chews up a lot of screen time. Regardless, The Way of Water is here. Our discussion covers the waterfront.

We do the same with a roundtable discussing the year’s best and worst TV shows. JonPaul Guinn and Paula Shaffer join Neal to go over the disasters of “Mexican Week,” House Hunters, ‘She Hulk: Attorney At Law,’ and various Star Wars shows. The usual suspects make our top lists, like The White Lotus, The Bear, Severance, Better Call Saul, and House of the Dragon, while JP chooses ‘Our Flag Means Death’ as an idiosyncratic choice, and Paula has nothing but good things to say about Upload on Amazon Prime. It’s our usual idiosyncratic assortment, the kind that only BFG can bring. We will all be watching TV until we die, which may be soon. So watch more TV.

Enjoy the show!

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