BFG Podcast #091: ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance,’ ‘Poker Face’, and ‘Cunk on Earth’

Our team breaks down the culture

The BFG podcast has returned to stun and amaze you with our breadth of pop-culture knowledge. Host Neal Pollack, the editor of BFG, welcomes Stephen Garrett, as usual, to talk about ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance.’ Stephen thought the movie was corny and slight but found its love letter to midlife romance charming. Neal thought it was flat stupid and was annoyed that the script didn’t give the backup dancers more to do. Your mileage may vary depending on whether or not you attend a “Rowdy Screening.”

Rachel Llewellyn stops in to chat about ‘Poker Face,’ the Natasha Lyonne murder-mystery vehicle from creator Rian Johnson. Lyonne wanders about the Mountain West, encountering murder and mayhem. Some people are comparing this to ‘Columbo,’ some are not. Regardless, Rachel is totally hooked by this story of a woman who knows when you are lying.

Neal’s pick of the week is ‘Cunk on Earth,” starring Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk, the most blissfully clueless history-show host you’ll even encounter. Most of this segment involves Neal telling his favorite jokes from the show, so let’s not spoiler the spoilers. Just listen to the BFG podcast and be the best-informed pop-culture enthusiast in your pod.

Enjoy the show!

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