BFG Podcast #097: ‘John Wick Chapter 4,’ ‘Swarm,’ and ‘Party Down’

Our critics know everything about the culture

In this week’s essential episode of the BFG podcast, Neal Pollack welcomes not one, but two Gallaga brothers into the pod dome to talk about the culture. First up, Pablo Gallaga, who reviewed ‘John Wick: Chapter 4′ for us. Pablo felt like the movie took a little long to get going. But once it gets going, it contains some legendary set pieces that will remain iconic as long as the projectors roll in theaters. “If you like action movies, you’re not going to do better this year than John Wick 4,” Neal says. Truth!

Omar Gallaga had the tougher assignment of writing and talking about ‘Swarm,’ the serial killer comedy-drama on Amazon Prime from executive producer Donald Glover. The first two episodes premiered at SXSW to enthusiastic response, but when the final episodes appeared, the praise muted down to a whisper. The world is ready for a Black female serial killer character. But some of the late episodes revealed pathologies that you could kindly refer to as “problematic.” Omar suggests watching the first two episode and then proceeding at your own risk. And he has nothing but praise for star Dominque Fishback. But unlike in ‘Swarm,’ we aren’t Stans. We are critics. And sometimes our judgement is harsh.

However, we reserve nothing but love for the third season of ‘Party Down,’ the catering comedy that’s back on Stars after a hiatus of more than a decade. Adam Scott and Ken Marino are back serving the wealthy of the L.A. metropolitan area, with typically sad and hilarious results. Contributor William Schwartz stops by to discuss the show with Neal, pointing out that Parks and Recreation, the show that poached Adam Scott from Party Down, has vanished into the mists of pop-culture time, its stars onto bigger things. But Party Down keeps going, and is still relevant. There will always be failure and disappointment in life,. Party Down celebrates the people who didn’t quite make it big.

Enjoy the show!

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