BFG Podcast #107

‘The Flash,’ ‘Elemental,’ ‘Outlander,’ and Cormac McCarthy

Hot podcast comin’ atcha this week! Host Neal Pollack welcomes contributor Chris Farnsworth to discuss the life and literary legacy of Cormac McCarthy. As he said in his excellent obituary for the site, Chris admires how McCarthy wrote what he wanted, how he wanted, and when he wanted, without compromising anything for commercial considerations. His works were stark and horrifying and both Neal and Chris agree that it’s amusing that they’re now all over the bestseller list. There will be some surprising beach reads this summer.

‘The Flash’ is here, and Neal and Stephen Garrett pick it apart. Neal found Ezra Miller’s lead performance unappealing, and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl almost as unappealing. They’re both suffering from multiverse fatigue. But they both are happy to see Michael Keaton back as Batman one last time. Hopefully, this is the last we’ll see and talk about The Flash.

That’s certainly the case with ‘Elemental,’ which may be nice to look at, but Stephen hates the storytelling. He finds it dumb and predictable. Neal wonders how Dreamworks animation somehow managed to lap Pixar. Stephen says the studio that invented modern animation definitely needs a creative boost. Pixar fatigue is also real.

But no one is tired of ‘Outlander,’ especially not our correspondent Rebecca Kurson, who attended the new season premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Exciting things are coming as the show moves into the American Revolution. She does have to correct Neal that the male lead character’s name is not “Jamie Lannister.” And she informs us, as a true fan would, that Catriona Balfe drinks a lot of whiskey.

Enjoy the show.

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