BFG Podcast #113

‘Mutant Mayhem,’ ‘Justified’, and the ‘British Miracle Meat’

With Barbenheimer receding, our podcast host Neal Pollack turns his pop-culture eye to what comes next. And this week, that’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem,’ the animated offering that critic Pablo Gallaga calls the best on-screen version of TMNT ever. Neal knows little about the Ninja Turtles, as he wasn’t a kid even when they debuted, but Pablo is the adult target audience for this movie, having annoyed his family for years with his Ninja Turtle obsession. Real teenagers voice the turtles, but Paul Rudd’s cameo voice nearly steals the show.

Onto more adult-themed offerings, Neal welcomes the mysterious Stephen Macaulay to discuss ‘Justified: City Primeval,’ the Detroit-set reboot of the adventures of Elmore Leonard’s Kentucky-born U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Even though they filmed the series mostly in Chicago, Stephen says they did a great job capturing the Detroit vibe, even though “I have no idea what casino that is.” Neal was not down with the girl who played Raglan’s daughter, who is apparently actor Timothy Olyphant’s actual daughter. But Boyd Holbrook’s Clement Mansell is definitely the slimiest villain of the TV year.

But nothing is quite as slimy as the British Miracle Meat, made from human flesh. At least that’s the premise of a fake Channel 4 food documentary that shocked the U.K. a couple of years ago. Food correspondent Daniel Cohen joins us to talk about the sensation, about the U.K.’s tragic “cost of living crisis” and about annoyingly posh food shows on TV. As always when we talk about food on the podcast, it’s delicious.

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