BFG Podcast #47: ‘Turning Red,’ ‘Everything Everywhere,’ and SXSW

Our editor and writers break down the culture

On this week’s BFG Week in Review, editor Neal Pollack welcomes Rachel Llewellyn to deconstruct the ‘Turning Red‘ discourse. Rachel talks about the online controversy surrounding the movie and also praises its hybrid 2D/3D animation style. Hopefully Neal and Rachel don’t say anything offensive while comparing ‘Turning Red’ with other Pixar movies and with ‘Teen Wolf.’

Then it’s time for Omar Gallaga to make his first podcast appearance in a good long while. Neal and Omar were both at opening night of South By Southwest in Austin, where they took in the world premiere screening of ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once.’ They found the hot-dog fingers very moving. And they are both curious to see how the world at large accepts this strange A24 genre mashup. After all, SXSW could debut a two-hour video of a paperclip on a desk and people would give it a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, Omar caught Jenny Slate’s animated feature, ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,’ and says that there were people sobbing in the theater. Let’s not get carried away, people, but Omar says this movie is a funny and moving meditation on loss and divorce and traffic.

Meanwhile, out in the world, both Neal and Omar realize that we haven’t yet fully returned to 100 percent to pre-pandemic norms. The last time they convened the festival, more than 75,000 people attended. Omar says this year the number was half that. On the one hand, we like it because it means more SXSW for the rest of us. On the other hand…well, there is no other hand. Enjoy the show!

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