BFG Podcast #046: Dostoyevsky and ‘Abbott Elementary,’ Together Again

Our editor and contribs break down the culture

In this week’s exciting BFG podcast, editor Neal Pollack welcomes in Michael Washburn, and together they take the bold stance that banning Russian authors is bad. Washburn points out, in the fact of a recent attempt to cancel a Dostoyevsky course, that Dostoyevsky himself was an anti-authoritarian who risked his life and career to oppose censorship. We know which side he’d be on today.

Our contributor Lani Gonzalez comes on over to graciously listen to Neal rant for 20 minutes about the greatness of ‘Abbott Elementary‘, an ABC school sitcom. Both express some skepticism over the “fake documentary” format but really enjoy the show’s depiction of the lives of teachers, in a time when teachers face a lot of political pressure from all sides.

The most incisive cultural commentary anywhere, plus cool music. What more could you want from a podcast? Nothing, we say!

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