BFG Week in Review Podcast #051: ‘Ambulance,’ ‘Moon Knight,’ and More!

Our critics bust into the culture

This week on the BFG Week In Review podcast, editor Neal Pollack and film critic Stephen Garrett sound the alarm about Michael Bay’s ‘Ambulance.’ Actually, Stephen liked this big, dumb loud action flick pretty well and the segment includes the added bonus of hearing our contributors try to pronounce the word “ambulance” in Castilian Spanish.

Sharyn Vane is back on the show to talk about “book challenges” and “soft censorship,” two terms that we wish we didn’t have to put into quotes. Regardless, mid-list authors, particularly young-adult novelists, are facing all kinds of resistance from school districts and conservative political groups as they try to get their work out to their audience. BFG will cover this issue as long as it’s going on, so probably forever.

Meanwhile, Scott Gold and Neal spent plenty of time the last couple of weeks watching ‘Moon Knight’ on Disney+ and reading old Moon Knight comics, and a supremely nerdy conversation about a pretty good superhero show results. Come for the praise of Ethan Hawke, stay for a mockery of Oscar Isaac’s Cockney accent.


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