BFG Podcast #082

‘The Fabelmans,’ ‘She Said,’ and ‘Sold A Story’

It’s December, my dudes, and The BFG podcast is back on the air! This week we lead off with a discussion of another podcast, American Public Media’s ‘Sold A Story,’ which has ignited a furious debate over how we teach children to read. Writer Sharyn Vane joins host Neal Pollack to discuss the difference between the old-school phonics method and the new-school, more context-based method of reading instruction, which appears to be the culprit in America’s continually declining reading scores. While both Neal and Sharyn learned how to read contextually, as “early readers,” this may not apply to everyone. Not every kid lives in a house with, as one of the new-school reading proponents did, with “monogrammed bath towels.” A lively debate, and we’re in the fray.

Then Sara Stewart pops up to talk about ‘She Said,’ a new movie about the journalists who uncovered the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal. Sara says that the Weinstein affair affects more people than Watergate, the subject of ‘All the President’s Men.” Neal disagrees with her there, but admits that #metoo scandals are certainly more contemporary and relevant. Then they struggle to remember that Charlize Theron played Megan Kelly in ‘Bombshell.’ Shame on these two Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critics!

Finally, Stephen Garrett appears because we say his name three times to talk about Steven Spielberg’s autobiographical love letter to the cinema, ‘The Fabelmans.’ Stephen loved the movie’s exploration of childhood trauma and neurosis, Neal found it all a little overlong and self-serving, but they both really liked the fantastic cameo at movie’s end. Check it out, experience the wonder…of our podcast.

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