‘Dave’ Might be the Funniest Show on TV Right Now

The fantastic rise of Lil Dicky

Dave tells the story of Jewish rapper Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, and his rise to fame from a satirical YouTube rapper to a real music celebrity. Lil Dicky found his initial fame in 2013 with his mixtape “So Hard”. From there he went on to do songs with rappers like Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, and Fetty Wap, and he proved that there are lots of ways to get ahead in hip-hop, even if you’re a Jewish teenager who likes to make fun of his small penis. Dave, now streaming on Hulu, fictionalizes the Lil Dicky story, but with Lil Dicky as one of the creative heads, it still bases many of its episodes on events in Dave’s past.

Lil Dicky’s lyrics often include him making jokes about his misshapen penis, like in his song Ex-Boyfriend:

“I don’t know what to do, dude’s dick is really huge

I didn’t realize a penis could be so smooth

I know she’s missin’ that, my penis isn’t that

I’m lookin’ closer I think that his dick has abs

Six pack on a dick, now what the fuck is that?

It’s so long and thick, it’s like a punching bag

I’m sayin’ it’s so shaven, head is amazin’

Got my dick lookin’ like a raisin (wow)”


So now you have an entire show that bases itself around that tone. Dave feels very unique; there’s nothing quite like it. It reminded me in a way of Donald Glover’s Atlanta, but that’s mainly because both shows are about up and coming rappers. But that’s about where the similarities stop. Atlanta sometimes loses its sense of humor, but Even in its most important moments, Dave doesn’t take itself completely seriously, making it a very fun, light show to watch. All of the songs by Lil Dicky tend to have a satirical undertone, he wants to make fun of hip hop and at the same time embody the elements that make a rap song good and catchy. Dave does the same thing, but with a TV show.

Lil Dicky isn’t the only rapper in the show. Other very well-known rappers that make a few appearances throughout the series, like Trippie Redd, YG, and Young Thug. Another hilarious rapper, who goes by the name of Gata, plays Lil Dicky’s hype man. At one point in the show, he smashes a $1300 laptop in a shoe store.

Dave Burd isn’t afraid to make fun of any aspect himself, within the show. There are often flashbacks showing embarrassing childhood experiences and constant jokes about his deformed penis. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times every episode, something I rarely do. Dave is definitely the funniest show I’ve seen in a while. There’s a constant sarcastic tone along with good linear storytelling and it makes for a very entertaining series that tells the story of a very unique rapper.


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