HBO Max Characters You Can Be For Halloween–2022 Edition

Some fresh dress-up ideas from your favorite premium streamer

Three years ago we wrote about how you could cheaply throw together a last minute costume to become your favorite minor HBO prestige TV characters. Those costumes all still work, but we wanted to update it with some new shows and characters that are fresher in the zeitgeist. There will be major spoilers ahead for White Lotus” and “And Just Like That, so tread lightly.

Armond from The White Lotus
You can be Armond from The White Lotus!

For the clothing, your local vintage store is your friend. The main piece you’ll need is a coral or a muted pastel suit with a floral pattern dress shirt. These two are the priciest part of your costume, so buy a suit and shirt you’d wear again in real life. If you can find a white lotus pin for the lapel, that’s a bonus. A quality watch and a hotel name tag help as well, but not necessary.

Mustache: A fake (or real if you can grow one in time) moustache is essential. This one has the right thickness and shape for $22 on Amazon.

Fake poo: You’re also gonna want that fake turd to recreate the Shane luggage scene. Lucky for you Amazon has a great one on sale for $5.42 right now.

Optional: knife and fake blood. If you want to recreate the end of Murray’s story and make your costume more spooky, have a fake knife and blood sticking out of your chest. But let’s leave this at home and remember Armond as the beautiful, living and breathing, drug-snorting, suitcase-pooping, ass-eating man he was in life.

Nathan Fielder from The Rehearsal

To do the Nathan Fielder costume right, you better have built a couple sets and started rehearsing months ago. But it’s already late October, so you’ll have to throw this thing together on the cheap without the help of many child actors to rehearse with and traumatize. This might be a fairly popular costume this year. There’s already articles about how to pull the Nathan costume off but I think you can do it cheaper.

You do need the laptop harness, but I disagree with spending up to match Nathan’s shirt and pants. Any grey crewneck shirt works and the pants could not matter less. You need the harness and you need the salt and pepper hair. I’d spend $16 on this wig and, real talk, you’re gonna want to take advantage of Amazon’s generous return policy and return that $90 laptop harness when you’re done.

Princess Rhaenyra from House of the DragonPrincess Rhaenyra

When you try to price out even the cheap knock-off version of the Princess costume, you’ll see why HBO spent $20 million per episode! You’ll spend close over $200 on this costume, even making most of your selections from Amazon. As Rhaenyra said, “I want to fly with you on dragon back, see the great wonders across the Narrow Sea, and eat only cake.” I haven’t watched the show, but I assume that applies here in some let them eat cake sort of way.

Most important piece is the wig. It’s gotta be long, blonde and have or be able to have those trademark braids. You can either go cheap and get one for $35 on Amazon or go big and spend $100 for a nice one. You can get decent ruby earrings for $35, and a matching $35 necklace. You’ll need the knee high boots for around $40and a renaissance dress for another $43. You might as well sign up for a couple ren fairs while you’re at it and get a few uses from your investment.

Cassie Howard from Euphoria in any outfit

Cassie was everything in Euphoria season two. A woman on a mission, with bonkers style choices to match her wild moods. I think cowgirl Cassie is the best option, but if you have a friend you want to dress up with, then matching Cassie and Maddy jumpsuits would be a lot of fun. You can get something like this in two different colors and go big with your hair and make-up and people will know who you are.

Pop Sugar has great ideas for shopping for Euphoria looks, but a lot are expensive and/or sold out. I tried to find Cassie outfits all over the internet, but the swimsuit she wears while throwing up in the hot tub is the most easy to find the exact version of. Maybe take a look at Screen Rant’s top 10 Cassie looks article to get more inspiration.

Mr. Big from And Just Like That

We only had one episode of Mr. Big in this cringey, unnecessary reboot of Sex and the City, but he gave us just enough to make a costume out of. He doesn’t have a distinct enough look to dress exactly like him, so you’re going to have to cheat a little. The distinct elements of Mr. Big in 2022 are his trademark cigar and businessman look with graying hair. You’ll have to bring in the peloton element in some way. A peloton t-shirt is your cheat code.

Put on the fanciest sports coat in your closet. Look on eBay for a peloton t-shirt in your size. I found a bunch for around $10 with free shipping. Find a short, mostly grey men’s wig on Amazon for under $20 and snag a nice cigar from your local tobacco shop. Darken your eyebrows with make-up if you don’t naturally have dark, bushy ones. Raise those bad boys as you say “Ab-so-fuckin-lutely” and voilà! You’ll be Mr. Big slumped over and dying, post Peloton ride, as your wife does literally nothing to help you.

Mr. Big

Happy Halloween!

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