BFG Podcast #028: ‘Eternals,’ ‘Inside Job,’ and, Believe it or Not…Censorship!

Our editor and writers bust open the week in culture

In this groundbreaking episode of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review Podcast, editor-in-chief Neal Pollack takes his usual bold stand against censorship. Whether you’re warning parents about Beloved or pulling Lord of the Flies from shelves because it promotes the patriarchy or just plain sending threatening letters to Texas school boards, censoring what kids read in school is wrong.

Then here comes Stephen Garrett to talk with Neal about ‘Eternals,’ the latest Marvel movie that Neal calls “a legendary turkey.” Stephen praises the mega-inclusive casting, but agrees that the movie is overlong and a tonal mess. Together, they come to the conclusion that the movie is definitely bad but occasionally harmless fun.

Finally, William Schwartz stops by to talk about his successful piece on the Netflix animated show ‘Inside Job,’ which is ostensibly about conspiracy theories but doesn’t actually seem to know much about conspiracy theories.

Please give this episode a whirl, it will take you 30 minutes and you will be happy! Thank you, the management.

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