BFG Podcast #029: Neal Stephenson, ‘Belfast,’ and ‘Spencer’

Our editor and writers break down the week in culture

In this week’s record-setting 29th episode of the Book and Film Globe Week in Review podcast, Neal Pollack talks about Neal Stephenson (no relation) with Dan Friedman (also no relation). Stephenson tackles the subject of climate change in his latest semi-speculative novel ‘Termination Shock.’ One of the results of climate change, Stephenson posits, will be the evolution of man-eating feral hogs in Texas. Pollack says “that’s just another Saturday night at the bars down here.”

Stephen Garrett and his terrible Irish accent stop by to talk about ‘Belfast‘, Kenneth Branagh’s artsy black-and-white Oscar contending film. Stephen praises the movie for Branagh’s subtle character writing and ability to work with actors, not so much for the cinematography.

Finally, Sara Stewart talks about Kristen Stewart (no relation) playing Princess Diana in the new art-house movie ‘Spencer‘. From Twilight to Lady Di, Kristen Stewart has come a long way. The camera loves her in this movie, and so did both Sara and Neal.

Goodbye, England’s rose. Hello, podcast! Thanks for listening.

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