BFG Podcast #078

‘Derry Girls,’ ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ ‘Armageddon Time,’ and ‘Filmed in Brooklyn’

Chelsea Clinton disappoints in the finale of ‘Derry Girls’ in this week’s edition of one of the world’s most popular entertainment podcasts. Host Neal Pollack begins with a five-minute discourse on the absurdity of members of the “literary community” calling upon Random House to not publish the new Amy Coney Barrett memoir. They call it a “human rights violation.” This is absurdity at its highest level, Stalinist garbage. Neal tells them where they can stick their “duty of care.”

Then Rachel Llewellyn stops by to lighten the mood by talking to Neal about the ridiculous Chelsea Clinton cameo at the end of ‘Derry Girls.’ Rachel found it annoying, but in general she thought the third and final season of Derry Girls was stretching the joke a bit thin. But they could have been on top if only they hadn’t given Chelsea Clinton the final scene.

Next our podcast welcomes the host of three other podcasts, Margo Donohue, the author of the new book ‘Filmed In Brooklyn’. We liked her print interview with us so much that we invited her along to talk about Brooklyn movies again. Neal and Margo talk about ‘The French Connection,’ ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ ‘Do the Right Thing’, and ‘Smoke,’ alongside other Brooklyn films.

Finally it’s Stephen Garrett time again. Stephen seemed to like ‘Armageddon Time’ from James Gray pretty well, though he and Neal nearly come to blows over whether or not Charlie Hunnam (who starts in another James Gray movie) is a good actor. He is not. But Armageddon Time is warm and heartfelt.

You can’t say the same for ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ a vicious anti-capitalist satire that got a standing ovation and a Palme D’Or from all the rich socialists at the Cannes Film Festival. Neal and Stephen agree it’s a film to be admired, not enjoyed. Stephen found the satire obvious. Neal liked the performances, especially Dolly DeLeon as a put-upon maid who takes her revenge.

As always, our podcast has range. Enjoy the show!

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