BFG Podcast #089: ‘Women Talking,’ ‘That 90s Show,’ ‘Night Court,’ and the Sundance Film Festival!

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In the latest soon-to-be-award-winning edition of the BFG podcast, Neal Pollack welcomes Sara Stewart and Stephen Garrett back to the show. Stephen went to Park City, Utah, to see all the Sundance movies, and Sara watched them from home. Sundance is back, the movies are back, and this was one of the best festivals in years! They both loved the Wall Street-set erotic thriller ‘Fair Play.’ Stephen loved a quirky movie called ‘Theater Camp,’ though Sara has an extreme aversion to its star, Ben Platt. And let’s get the discourse going again about ‘Cat Person,’ now a movie adapted from a New Yorker short story.

BFG provides the most comprehensive coverage of Sundance anywhere. A roundtable for the ages.

Meanwhile, we welcome Susie Bright to the BFG podcast stage for the first time, to talk about Sarah Polley’s “B+” film ‘Women Talking,’ a theatrical interpretation of a decade-old horrific sex-abuse scandal that occurred in a Bolivian Mennonite colony. Neal and Susie both admire the performances, and the excellent writing, but agree that the film sometimes drags a bit and hits the same conversational beats over and over again. Still, this is the kind of “quality” film, Susie says, that will finally bring perpetually terrified NPR listeners back to the movie theaters. Neal begins one of his rants about how movie theaters never should have been closed to begin with, but they get back to talking about the movie pretty quickly, so don’t worry.

Finally, Paula Shaffer pops in to talk about the reboots of ‘Night Court’ and ‘That 70s Show’ currently on TV, even though ‘That 70s Show’ is actually ‘That 90s Show’ now. Neither show is particularly bad, though ‘Night Court’ exists in a weird kind of temporal limbo. Both Neal and Paula agree that ‘That 90s Show’ is a bit better and seems to know what it wants to do with itself. Regardless, old TV shows never die, and either does the BFG podcast.


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