BFG Week in Review Podcast #044: ‘Encanto,’ ‘Flee,’ #Bendergate, and ‘Reacher’

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In this week’s thrilling and amazing editing of the BFG Week in Review Podcast, old white guys Neal Pollack and Stephen Garrett unpack the intergenerational trauma of Disney’s Colombia-set ‘Encanto.’ Stephen enjoyed the clever wordplay of the Lin-Manuel Miranda lyrics, but Neal thought the movie was just plain bad. However, Neal is pretty much certain it’s going to win the Oscar for Best Animated Picture. Stephen prefers ‘The Millers Vs. The Machines,’ which seems like a long shot.

They also talk about ‘Flee,’ a very interesting animated documentary from Scandinavia about a gay Afghan refugee. It also received an Oscar nomination. You can’t ask for two different types of movies, which shows that, once again, the animated category is more interesting and culturally relevant than the live action one.

Speaking of animation, BFG contributor Rachel Llewellyn stops by the ol’ podcast barn to talk about #Bendergate, the cause of John DiMaggio, the man who voices Bender on ‘Futurama,’ which is about to get new episodes on Hulu. DiMaggio is refusing to do the voice unless they pay him more. Rachel draws comparisons between this struggle and the recent near-strike by Hollywood industrial employees. It takes more than actors, directors, and producers to make our beloved content. BFG stands with the front line! Or at least covers it.

Finally, JonPaul Guinn makes his debut appearance on this podcast, or any podcast, to talk about ‘Reacher,’ the new adaptation on Amazon Prime of the adventures of novelist Lee Child’s popular ex-military investigator, and current headbreaker, angel of vengeance, and “gentleman hobo.” JP is a fan of the Reacher books, and he’s a fan of this TV show. You will be too, and you’re certainly a fan of this podcast.

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